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How to choose the right diamond and CBN superhard abrasive (grinding wheel)

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Superhard abrasive is abrasive, binders, the matrix formed by combining the three together. Visible, with abrasive agent is an indispensable part of production, its role is to bonded abrasive having a given geometry, and the hold on to in the processing of abrasive grinding force to withstand the cutting action and play. Superhard abrasive binders three major categories: resin bond, vitrified bond, metal bond. How to choose the right combination of agents, mainly based on their own performance and processing on the abrasive requirements.

Resin bond: which itself has good flexibility and a polished, the formation of abrasive, still has a good self-sharpening, easy to plug, trimming less, and high grinding efficiency, low grinding temperature, grinding surface finish, so the wide range of applications. Combined with the formation of diamond abrasive resin bond diamond abrasive, often used in cemented carbide parts, steel-based alloy parts, as well as some non-metallic materials, semi-fine grinding, fine grinding, etc.; combined with a resin binder to form a resin binder CBN abrasive, mainly for high vanadium high speed steel cutting tools and tool sharpening steel, tool steel, stainless steel and heat-resistant alloys workpiece half grinding, fine grinding. However, resin-bonded abrasive gripping of the poor heat resistance is poor, leading to high abrasive wear of the grinding large, especially at high load, especially when grinding, often plated with a metal jacket to be abrasive improved.

Vitrified: Such binders on the bonding strength is superior abrasive resins. After the formation of grinding, the chip performance and the working surface, so that clogging, sharp cutting, grinding efficiency, and a small amount of thermal expansion is easy to control the machining precision, these features are beneficial to the grinding process smoothly. In abrasive shaping and trimming, the operation is relatively easy, generally used for roughing, semi-grinding, as well as a large contact surface of the molding grinding, etc.,

So vitrified bond is used widely as a binding agent. However, when combined with diamond abrasives, diamond poor heat resistance due, must be vitrified sintering temperature is very low, there is currently technically more difficult, making the ceramic bond diamond abrasive seldom used, so vitrified mainly used in good heat resistance cubic boron nitride (CBN) abrasive.

Bronze metal binding agents are binding agents and binding agents plating two categories. Plating binding agent is a binding agent with a higher strength, generally a single layer or multi-grain plated by electroplating on the metal base, the kind of binding agent on the work surface abrasive grain number per unit area than the other several kind of binding agent is much higher, and are exposed abrasive surface of the binding agent, and thus sharp cutting, grinding efficiency. But by the thickness of the coating limits the total abrasive life is not high, generally used for special purpose processing, such as form grinding with abrasive, a small lap, nesting knives, electroplating reamers, files and so on. As technology continues to progress, CBN electroplated metal bonded abrasives in the expanding applications, particularly in the processing of various types of steel parts of the holes, the cavity will become more prominent, not only high grinding efficiency, economy good, but also to obtain a better shape precision. Is a bronze bond abrasive powder, tin powder as the main material and other supplementary materials to improve its performance thoroughly mixed, then the mixed abrasive added thereto, and then placed in a mold press forming and sintering. The combination of this kind of abrasive agents and abrasive combination of high strength, wear resistance, wear, so long life, but also to maintain a good shape, it can withstand a greater load. But the drawback is poor since the grind, the surface is easy to plug, heat a large, trim is also very difficult. Mainly used for glass, ceramics, stone, building materials, concrete, metallic materials, semiconductor materials such as coarse grinding, fine grinding and cutting step, a small amount for carbide composite superhard materials grinding and profile grinding and various honing, grinding, etc. ... electrolysis

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